Discover top artists for your event with B2B Agency

Are you seeking a programming solution for your event? Whether it’s a festival, corporate gathering, or private party, you desire a diverse and engaging lineup of artists without the hassle of managing and planning it al yourself. At B2B Agency, we offer complete support in booking, planning, supervising and producing entertainment for your event. We work with you to create a cohesive program that meets your needs and caters to your target audience. Beyond our own acts, we can book a full lineup of desired artists, considering your preferences, budget and desired style.

Our services don’t there. We manage artists guidance, stage management, and technical support for your event. This includes programming the entire lineup and providing technical support for sound and lightning. With years of experience and a network, we have the expertise to curate an unforgettable entertainment experience for your event.


Additional services

In addition to discovering your unique sound and organizing events, we provide several other valuable services. Explore the full range of what we have to offer below.


Stop searching endlessly for a photographer. Our team uses unique cameras never before utilized at other events. This ensures we provide you with exclusive, high-quality content


Our team also includes multiple videographers, ensuring we can deliver, exclusive, high-quality content for you. With our expertise and unique equipment, we guarantee exceptional video production for your event

Sound & Lighting

Enhance your event with our expert light and sound installation services. Our team provides state of the art equipment and technical expertise to ensure impeccable audio and visually stunning lightning. We tailor each setup to fit your events unique needs, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.