JFFRSN support act nightclub Bonaire Mr. Belt & Wezol


On Wednesday, June 22nd, DJ JFFRSN delivered an performance as the support act for Mr. Belt & Wezol at Nightclub Bonaire. From 00:30 to 02:00, JFFRSN captivated the audience with his dynamic house music set, setting the stage for an unforgettable night.

Nightclub Bonaire, known for its vibrant atmosphere and top-tier sound system, welcomed 600 enthusiastic house music fans for the event. The intimate setting allowed for an immersive experience, with JFFRSN’s beats resonating through the crowd.

JFFRSN’s performance

JFFRSN’s set was a masterclass in house music, featuring a blend of deep bass lines, melodic hooks, and energetic rhythms. His performance seamlessly transitioned between tracks, keeping the energy high and the dance floor packed. The crowd responded with enthusiasm, dancing and celebrating the night away.

Support act Mr. Belt & Wezol

As the support act for the renowned duo Mr. Belt & Wezol, JFFRSN set the perfect tone for the night. His high-energy performance warmed up the crowd, building anticipation for the headliners. JFFRSN’s ability to connect with the audience and elevate the night’s atmosphere was evident throughout his set.


DJ JFFRSN’s performance at Nightclub Bonaire on June 22nd was a highlight for all in attendance. Playing from 00:30 to 02:00, he showcased his talent and passion for house music, leaving a lasting impression on the 600 festival-goers. Supporting Mr. Belt & Wezol, JFFRSN proved why he is a rising star in the house music scene.