Location: Amsterdam
DJ since: 2015
Category: DJ & Producer
Available for: Club & Festival
Genre: House & Techhouse

Recent venues:

  1. Escape Amsterdam
  2. MYA Valencia
  3. Thuishaven Amsterdam
  4. Club Spaces Albufeira
  5. Club Rex Hilversum
  6. Tatel Valencia
  7. Club Bonaire Den Helder
  8. Chicago Social Club
  9. Supperclub Amsterdam
  10. Jimmy Woo Amsterdam
  11. Chin Chin Club Amsterdam
  12. Oliva Amsterdam
  13. INN Amsterdam
  14. Yacht party Dubai

JFFRSN is a driven DJ and producer with a grand vision for his career. He knows the house scene inside and out. With B2B Agency, he aims to introduce not just you, but the entire world to his tracks, ensuring that no event can be complete without JFFRSN. His high energy makes sure every space gets lost in the music he plays. JFFRSN combines energy, rhythm, unique melodies, and some Caribbean influences into irresistible tracks you can’t do without!

In recent years, he has gained immense experience in the Netherlands. You undoubtedly know him from Escape, MYA, Chicago Social Club, Club Bonaire, and many other clubs! Together with B2B, he ensures that he can be found all over the world. JFFRSN is a creative, enthusiastic, and above all, passionate DJ who turns any event upside down.

“I believe that house music can bring a good feeling to any situation. I want to contribute to that by mixing my own tracks with a blend of energy and melodic sounds.”